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What is E-Lumigent?

Sales organizations know that in order to reach an audience early in the buying cycle before the competition, they must acknowledge two crucial elements:

  1. Understanding the in-the-moment needs of their potential buyers
  2. Delivering highly personalized customer experiences every step of the way

In order to successfully implement these elements with precision, sales organizations demand superior strategy, analytics and technology.

E-Lumigent will do that and more.

Welcome to E-Lumigent

Powered by LSC Digital, E-Lumigent combines expertise, data, and technology to design and deliver actionable reports to pin-pointed audiences.

Our proprietary service arms sales organizations with the knowledge and tools to dispatch personalized, contextual content that offers engaged accounts relevant solutions as they conduct their research.

E-Lumigent utilizes data, automation, and analytics to consistently retarget relevant communication to audiences who express intent in your product or service.

By using our proprietary service, you can execute highly-focused content across digital, email, and social media channels.

What is E-Lumigent?

Identifying and understanding each customer’s journey is an obstacle sales organizations must constantly overcome in order to create experiences that lead to a purchase.

E-Lumigent is a reliable, cost-effective solution to identifying customers early in their buying journey after they have begun the research process. The reports generated by our service will lead to increased engagement. Our ability to deliver actionable data in a laser-focused marketing campaign is what makes E-Lumigent unique.

E-Lumigent gathers millions of data points and online activity at an organizational level. Simply put, you can see who has researched your products and services and manage each interaction along the way from awareness to contract signing.

Instead of diverting time and resources on huge audiences, E-Lumigent uncovers new, tightly focused demographics. Our service provides your team with near real-time data, allowing you to make relevant and timely marketing campaigns.

E-Lumigent gives you anticipatory, insightful intelligence, so you can get in front of clients who are most interested in purchasing your product.

Why Use E-Lumigent?

Your buyers leave electronic footprints all over the web as they research the problems they have, identify the solutions they need, and differentiate the products/service you and your competition delivers.

By indexing the content consumption of millions of devices and web sessions in hundreds of categories every single day, E-Lumigent answers a simple question:

Who has shown a change in web research behavior that might indicate the start of a buying journey?

E-Lumigent is a proprietary service which delivers new domains that represent the accounts you care about. These leads and accounts will be sent your branded banner ads and emails, thus primed for your sales outreach.

E-Lumigent combines purchasing intent with targeted, digital engagement programs such as retargeting, email, and social media to create experiences that lead to a purchase.

What Can E-Lumigent Do For You?

Our proprietary technology watches over thousands of websites, blogs, and communities to discover who has expressed interest in your product or service. After identifying consumer intent early in the buying cycle, E-Lumigent provides you the data you need to execute targeted marketing campaigns.

With powerful, scalable automation capabilities for omni-channel delivery, E-Lumigent allows your team to market smarter and increase sales efficiency under a single software solution. Using E-Lumigent, you can:

From manual procedures to full automation, E-Lumigent will help increase sales-process efficiency while complimenting your existing lead generation processes.

E-Lumigent Positions You Right In Front Of Your Audience

Right now your potential customers are scouring the web for solutions to their problems. Do you know who they are? Do you have the right tools to engage them and bring them to you? We do. With E-Lumigent, we’ll help you turn prospects into possibilities.

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