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Written by Joe Mccluskey, President – LSC Digital on May 16, 2017

May 10, 2017
For Immediate Release
LSC Digital Announces E-Lumigent 2.0

E-Lumigent 2.0 – Powered by LSC Digital has been released. This account based marketing platform is designed to grow sales revenue and increase engagement. This unique platform combines expertise, data and technology to identify prospective buyers when the customers are in the early stages of purchase.

The platform watches 10,000+ websites, blogs and communities, to identify customers who are researching products and solutions. E-Lumigent 2.0 provides Sales teams with prospects who are showing interest in their products and services and the intent to buy. These leads encompass the entire buying segment that will ultimately decide if, when, and what to purchase. By leveraging this intent, Sales teams target potential customers with media and offers that align to their purchasing research.

This is a game changer: E-lumigent 2.0 will change both the way sales identifies customers and the best way to communicate to them.

“At LSC Digital, our mission is to help shape each client’s digital transformation. E-Lumigent 2.0 provides our customers with a sales tool that will give them a real market edge over their competition. We look forward to building more innovative solutions.” – Joe Mccluskey, President, LSC Digital

For more information contact Lee Reynolds, VP Marketing at (203) 791-4427

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