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Introducing the E-Lumigent Lead Generation Platform

E-Lumigent is a revolutionary account-based marketing platform that will boost your organization’s sales revenue and will encourage client engagement.

Finding Your Next Customer

E-Lumigent’s sales and intent data help you FIND your buyers “off-site” across more than 10,000 B2B websites, ENGAGE them with relevant offers, and CONVERT them more efficiently and effectively than your competitors.

Account-based marketing (ABM), is a strategic approach based on account awareness in which an organization considers and communicates with individual prospect or customer accounts as markets of one.

Our service:

With access to E-Lumigent’s sophisticated technology, you will engage your customers with hyper-localization and fresh content that’s relevant when they view, not just when you send it.

How it Works

The E-Lumigent platform uncovers buying intent. It translates that intent into buying behavior, which becomes your E-Lumigent scores. These trends and patterns provide sales alerts and trigger customized communications to enhance and accelerate your sales pursuits.

With this proprietary business intelligence, your sales team will know how to find prospects – and move ever closer to clinching the deal.

E-Lumigent works by first identifying business decision makers across thousands of sites, communities, and blogs. It engages ‘in-market’ prospects with your offers after they’ve read published articles, blog posts, product reviews, and other content relevant to your products and services.

Once active accounts are identified, we can concentrate on increasing engagement, while constantly measuring and orchestrating campaigns to target them with your information.


Built for marketers, E-Lumigent’s flexible design supports your team throughout the entire sales lifecycle by data integration, channel execution, thorough reporting, and analytics.

E-Lumigent empowers you to:

Engaging Buyers Across All Channels

No matter what product or service your company offers, no matter what channel you use, E-Lumigent will enhance and accelerate your prospecting.

From our actionable reports, you will better understand your customers, and be able to set goals and plan a budget for your marketing campaigns.

Our Six Step Process:

Step 1: Listen For Universal Behaviors

Every day, your target accounts are conducting research on your website and across thousands of relevant websites.

Use E-Lumigent to understand:

Once E-Lumigent identifies prospects and segments them into audiences, the analytics we provide enables you to develop pin-pointed advertising campaigns.

Step 2: Budget Planning

Determine the scope and intensity of your campaign utilizing the data points collected from millions of devices and web sessions across over 10,000 websites in hundreds of categories every single day.

Because E-Lumigent only targets prospects after the audience has been identified, it serves to maximize your sales & marketing budgets.

Step 3: Integrate Your Marketing Platform

Through E-Lumigent, we generate interest from the most relevant and engaged accounts because we can:

Step 4: Design Customer Experiences

Your buyers are more connected than ever, and interacting “in the moment” is critical if you want to be able to capture their attention.

Our service offers the ability to put your brand in front of your target accounts and to deliver highly relevant individualized content.

Step 5: Optimize Your Performance

E-Lumigent validates new opportunities, engages them in thought leadership, and delivers Hot Leads and Intelligence to your sales team.

Track your progress with an intuitive and unified dashboard of metrics that shows:

Step 6: Seal the Deal

E-Lumigent is a game-changing solution for converting potential customers into buyers. Its unique service finds and engages your buyers with real-time intent data, an intuitive engagement platform, and managed services.

Let us show you how E-Lumigent can make a difference!

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